40. Atomic-level Insights into the Activation of Nitrogen via Hydrogen-Bond Interaction towards Nitrogen Photofixation

Yue Xin,Sanmei Wang,Haibo Yuan, Tingting Hou, Wenkun Zhu, Yuexiao Liu, Yuan Yao, Wenhua Zhang,* Shuquan Liang, and  Liangbing Wang*

Chem 2021, 7, 2118.


39. Copper-based Plasmonic Catalysis: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives

Yue Xin, Kaifu Yu, Lantian Zhang, Yanru Yang, Haibo Yuan, Hongliang Li, Liangbing Wang,* and Jie Zeng*

Adv. Mater. 2021, 2008145.


38. Cu-based Nanocrystals on ZnO for Uranium Photoreduction: Plasmon-assisted Activity and Entropy-driven Stability

Kaifu Yu,# Pengyan Jiang,# Haibo Yuan, Rong He, Wenkun Zhu,* and Liangbing Wang* 

Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 2021, 288, 119978.


37. Encapsulating Ag Nanoparticles into ZIF-8 as an Efficient Strategy to Boost Uranium Photoreduction without Sacrificial Agents

Pengyan Jiang,# Kaifu Yu,# Haibo Yuan, Rong He, Mengping Sun, Feng Tao, Liangbing Wang,* and Wenkun Zhu*

J. Mater. Chem. A 2021, 9, 9809.


36. Large-scale Synthesis of Metal Nanosheets as Highly Active Catalysts: Combining Accumulative Roll-bonding and Etching Process

Yuxin Ouyang,# Juan Liu,# Yue Xin, Wenkun Zhu, Hailiang Yu*, and Liangbing Wang*

Frontiers of Materials Science 2021, 15, 456.


35. An Enzyme-mimicking Inorganic Catalyst for Effective Nitrogen Photofixation (Invited Preview)

Yue Xin, and Liangbing Wang*

Chem Catalysis 2021, 1, 22.


34. Application of Ag/ZnO Composite Materials in Nitrogen Photofixation: Constructing Schottky Barrier to Realized Effective Charge Carrier Separation

Yu Xiao, Yuxin Ouyang, Yue Xin, and Liangbing Wang*

Precious Metals 2021, 42, 47.


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