2019 November


Yu Xiao won South-South Aluminum  Scholarship. Congratulations!   

2019 November

材料学院本科生韩磊在国际著名材料类期刊《Advanced Science》以第一作者发表关于单原子等离激元共振甲酸产氢的相关论文,并以此为基础代表中南大学参加第十二届全国大学生创新创业年会,获优秀论文奖(全国仅20篇)。王梁炳特聘教授获优秀指导教师奖。

Lei Han, the undergraduate student in the School of Material Science and Engineering, published a work as the first author on Advanced Science about catalytic dehydrogenation of formic acid over single-atom catalysts. Then, he attended the 12th national college students innovation and entrepreneurship annual conference, and won excellent thesis award. Prof. Wang also won  excellent advisor award.


2019 October

Materials Views中国》报道了我们课题组关于原位氧空位促进氮气光固定的相关工作。

Materials Views-China reported our recent work about photofixation of N2 assisted-by operando oxygen vacancies.

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